3D Hologram Room

About 3D Hologram Room

When you walk into a 3D HOLOGRAPHIC ROOM , you tend to feel as though you've been transported to a different world altogether. This world is nothing but a Hologram Room with a controlled environment that is designed to craft Holographic Experiences. Individuals are asked to wear light-weight glasses before entering the room to track a user’s viewpoint and present 3D objects into space. These objects are made of light particles and appear real enough to interact with. All complex interactions are made possible through an interactive wand. If reading about it is so mesmerizing, one can only imagine how it feels like to experience such a Holographic Zone.

Silent Features

  • To ensure unlimited detailing that assures sub-millimeter accuracy over kilometer ranges, the most powerful point cloud renderer is used for Hologram Rooms.

  • Importing traditional polygon models to arrange alongside point cloud data seamlessly.

  • Flexible models that help you arrange your scene exactly how you desire with powerful manipulation tools which allow you to scale, transform and rotate your scene data.

  • Usage of bookmarks to store important camera locations for recall and labels for at-a-glance reference.

  • Perform accurate measurement across hectares of point-cloud and polygon data. Compare the fit of your design with your built-in scans.

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