3D Hologram Stage

About 3D Hologram Stage

Holograms are technically projections that can be seen from all angles. Whilst our other devices are real hologram technology, the technology used in this device is known as “stage holograms”, they look like real holograms from a distance but do not give the same detail when you are close to them. It can be used to impress people and get attention with a variety of holographic advertising options. Multiple people can view this stage hologram device, without using any glasses. This consists of a large poly-silk screen on a metal frame. We use special lighting techniques to make the screen invisible. The projections on the polymer silk use a special technology where they appear to be 3D and have depth.

Silent Features

  • 3D Hologram Stage projects holograms of people, objects or animals on stage.

  • Multiple viewers from a distance of 3m or more can view without glasses.

  • Available in standard sizes of 3.5mx2m, 5mx3m, and 9mx5m.

  • Can be used for advertising, information or experiences with proven higher viewer attraction and product impact retention.

  • Standard 3D scanned objects or designs can be rendered.

  • Customised use cases in Tourism, Smart Cities, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Museums, Events & Exhibitions and many more.

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