3D Hologram Table

About 3D Hologram Table

Our 3D Holographic Table can display digital models of cities and buildings as miniatures with the power to zoom-in down to every single blade of grass - or even smaller. From picking up objects and moving them around to preparing a holographic presentation for projecting ideas impressively - the possibilities are endless, indeed! With holograms that can either project up to a height of 60cm or appear to sink down to a meter into the table, you can imagine exactly how you want your projections to be like, and watch it come to life.

Silent Features

  • IoT-enabled integration with a live feed

  • Customization of use-case across industries

  • Processing of terabytes of data in seconds

  • Patented and proven technology

  • The user can wear glasses as thin as normal sunglasses to view the rendering

  • The user can interact with the model through an interactive wand

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